Pants are for squares

Young girl says Jesus Prayer sometimes, says FUCK all the time.
Two-decade-old aspiring actress playwright repulsive Salinger enthusiast gone rogue for Plath poetry. Otherwise known as a Walking Cliche Named Lizzy, e.g. "Lizzy u a Walking Cliche and a Ho."



When starting a play, I ask myself, “What’s the last play in the world I would ever want to write?” Then I force myself to write it. I do this because I’ve found that the best way to make theater that unsettles and challenges my audience is to do things that make me uncomfortable. I work with stories that I find trite and embarrassing, I keep the development of the text as open and unstable as possible throughout the rehearsal and performance process, and I emphasize rather than hide problems in the text and production. I’m constantly trying to find value in unexpected places. My work is about struggling to achieve something in the face of failure and incompetence and not-knowing. The discomfort and awkwardness involved in watching this struggle reflects the truth of my experience.

-Young Jean Lee ^via^


“At nearly two and a half hours long, it’s yet another example of the ever trendy and ultimately dispiriting belief that if you throw any number of stars on a stage something will stick, the receipts will be fat and healthy, and, beyond that, who cares?”

Hilton Als reviews a recent revival of John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” (subscription required): (via newyorker)